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15 Canine Breeds Related To The Lovely Pomeranian

15 Canine Breeds Related To The Lovely Pomeranian

Pomeranians are stinking cute, huh? When you just like the Pomeranian, however arent fairly bought on their temperament or personalities, there are a number of different canines on the market that seem like these lovable little fluff monsters.

The pomeranian is sensible, agile, fast and an extremely well-liked selection amongst lovers of small canines, they’re spirited and each considered one of their only a few kilos is full of character.

However they’re not for everybody! As a spitz sort, they’re identified for his or her fox-like look and large thick coats, but additionally their loyalty and intelligence.

Within the enchanting realm of small canines, the Pomeranian stands tall—properly, they’re most likely tall of their minds…—because of its diminutive measurement and abundance of allure.

From the Finnish Lapphund’s historic herding roots to the American Eskimo Canine’s larger-than-life fluffiness, and the regal demeanor of the Chow Chow, this complete exploration of pom-a-likes is right here to present you all of the choices you may. Be a part of us as we navigate by means of their histories, distinctive traits, and unravel why these breeds aren’t simply a good selection however a testomony to the variety and pleasure canine’s convey to our lives.

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian
Discover Pomeranian-like breeds, unveiling numerous histories, traits, and canine pleasure.

Pomeranian’s Character: A Lot of Pleasure in a Small Package deal

The Pomeranian’s are simple to like. Their character is a pleasant mixture of playfulness, intelligence, and loyalty, encapsulating loads of pleasure in a small bundle. As a small-sized canine, Pomeranians convey a burst of power and enthusiasm to their house owners’ lives with their energetic antics and affectionate nature. Their adaptability makes them appropriate for varied dwelling environments, from flats to spacious properties. The Pomeranian’s fluffy coat, mixed with its playful demeanor, creates a novel allure that has made it a favourite amongst canine fans. Their intelligence and loyalty additional improve their enchantment, showcasing that good issues certainly are available in small packages. They’re typically underestimated of their agility and total potential, and you may typically see them compete in agility competitions!

Notice: Keep in mind, no canine wants punishment to be taught, constructive reinforcement is one of the best ways to coach all canines.

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (1)
Pomeranians, with their playful mixture of intelligence and loyalty, convey pleasure and allure to house owners, showcasing adaptability in varied dwelling environments and shocking agility in competitions.

1 – Finnish Lapphund

The Finnish Lapphund, typically hailed as one of many oldest herding canine breeds, shares a charming historical past that dates again to Lapland within the late 1700s. These outstanding canines weren’t merely companions however integral to the survival of the Sámi folks, showcasing their intelligence and adaptableness within the harsh climates of the area. Famend for his or her shaggy coat, a testomony to their resilience in opposition to the chilly, Finnish Lapphunds performed a pivotal function in herding reindeer, solidifying their place among the many oldest and most clever herding canine breeds.


Along with their historic significance, Finnish Lapphunds are celebrated for his or her playful nature, making them a supply of fine enjoyable for households. Regardless of their small measurement, these canines exude power and pleasure, turning each interplay into a pleasant expertise. As a toy canine breed, their lengthy coat, harking back to a fluffy pom pom, not solely provides to their allure but additionally highlights their versatility. This shaggy coat, designed to resist the weather, serves as each a sensible asset and a visible delight, showcasing the breed’s adaptability and enchantment as a playful companion.

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (2)
Finnish Lapphunds, historic herders from Lapland, showcase intelligence, adaptability, and resilience.

2 – American Eskimo Canine

The American Eskimo Canine, although bigger in measurement, shares a putting similarity with Pomeranian canines, notably of their fluffy coat and clever demeanor. Acknowledged by the American Kennel Membership, these canines have been bred as companions, bringing a bigger bundle of fluff into the lives of their house owners. The thick, double coat of the American Eskimo Canine supplies insulation, making them well-suited for colder climates. Regardless of their giant measurement, their playful nature and Pomeranian-like face make them favorites amongst households looking for a fluffy and clever canine companion. The resemblance of their fluffy coats and total look places the American Eskimo Canine within the league of Pomeranian related breeds.

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (3)
American Eskimo Canine, bigger but resembling Pomeranians, provide fluffy companionship with insulation.

3 – Lengthy-Haired Chihuahua

Chihuahas actually get a protracted rap. A properly bred and properly skilled chihuahua is a great canine.

The Lengthy-Haired Chihuahua, a petite bundle of fluff, is one other small canine breed with a definite allure. Whereas not sharing the identical measurement as Pomeranians, these canines boast lengthy, shaggy coats that contribute to their fluffy attract. Identified for his or her daring personalities, Lengthy-Haired Chihuahuas make up for his or her small measurement with an enormous presence. Their adaptability and affectionate nature make them a favourite selection for households looking for a small-sized, fluffy canine. Regardless of the variations in measurement, the Lengthy-Haired Chihuahua and the Pomeranian share frequent traits, emphasizing that fluffiness and intelligence can are available in varied packages.

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (4)
Lengthy-Haired Chihuahuas, although smaller, share fluffiness and allure with Pomeranians.

4 – Japanese Spitz Canine

The Japanese Spitz takes the fluff stage to the subsequent tier, showcasing a dense, white coat and a fox-like face. Bred as companion canines, Japanese Spitz canines share some frequent options with Pomeranians, notably of their comfortable fur and playful demeanor. Regardless of their small measurement, these canines exhibit intelligence and agility, making them ideally suited for households looking for a captivating, small-sized canine companion. The Japanese Spitz’s potential to take the fluff stage to the subsequent stage additional emphasizes the variety inside the spitz breeds, showcasing the vary of appearances and temperaments that appeal to canine lovers.

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (5)
Japanese Spitz canines elevate fluffiness with a dense coat and playful demeanor, resembling Pomeranians.

5 – German Spitz Canine

The Pomeranian’s roots might be traced again to the bigger German Spitz canines, making them shut kin within the spitz line of canines. Whereas the Pomeranian has been selectively bred for its small measurement, German Spitz canines are available in varied sizes, together with normal and miniature. Each breeds share the attribute spitz options, akin to pointed ears, thick coats, and a fox-like face. The German Spitz, with its numerous measurement vary, showcases the adaptability of the spitz breeds. Regardless of the dimensions variations, the frequent ancestry is clear of their look and the shared traits that make them clever and constant companions.

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (6)
German Spitz canines, bigger kin to Pomeranians, share spitz traits and adaptableness.

6 – Chow Chow

The Chow Chow, although bigger in measurement, reveals a Pomeranian-like face and a particular lion’s mane. Famend for his or her regal demeanor and thick double coat, Chow Chows share some frequent options with Pomeranians, notably of their recognizable wedge-shaped face. Initially used as looking and guard canines in historic China, Chow Chows convey a novel mix of regality and loyalty to the desk. Regardless of their bigger bundle, the resemblance in facial options highlights the variety inside Pomeranian related breeds, showcasing that the allure of a Pomeranian look can transcend measurement.

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (7)
Chow Chows, although bigger, share a Pomeranian-like face and regal demeanor.

7 – Siberian Husky

Siberian Huskies, identified for his or her putting resemblance to wolves, belong to the spitz household and share sure traits with Pomeranians. Whereas bigger than Pomeranians, Siberian Huskies exhibit the spitz traits of pointed ears, thick coats, and a curled tail. Bred by the Chukchi folks of Siberia for pulling sleds in harsh Arctic situations, Siberian Huskies are identified for his or her endurance, intelligence, and pleasant disposition. Regardless of their giant measurement, the Siberian Husky showcases the adaptability of spitz breeds to chilly climates, emphasizing that the spitz lineage consists of breeds of varied sizes and functions.

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (8)
Siberian Huskies, bigger but akin to Pomeranians in spitz traits.

8 – Norwegian Elkhound

I really like the elkhound. Regardless of their distinction in measurement, the Norwegian Elkhound and the Pomeranian share a spitz heritage which influences their bodily look, temperament, and power ranges. They each possess dense double coats designed for chilly environments, and a profuse mane imparting a regal look. Behaviorally, each breeds are identified for his or her affectionate, loyal, and clever nature. They’re additionally energetic and protecting of their family members. Additional, with correct steering, each breeds excel in obedience and coaching, owing to their fast studying skills. Nonetheless, endurance is critical throughout coaching given their occasional impartial streaks. Regardless of contrasts in measurement and origin, the Elkhound and Pomeranian demonstrates that sure traits are frequent throughout breeds, producing a loving and spirited companion.

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (9)
Norwegian Elkhound and Pomeranian, distinct sizes, frequent spitz heritage, affectionate, loyal, clever.

9 – Samoyed

The Samoyed and Pomeranian, regardless of measurement variations, share a Spitz heritage evident of their bodily traits and temperaments. Each breeds have dense, double coats fitted to chilly climates, and a definite mane across the neck, giving a regal look. They share a full of life, sociable, and affectionate nature, making them nice household pets. Each are alert and spirited, keen to interact in household actions. These breeds are additionally clever and impartial, traits that facilitate their responsiveness to obedience coaching, though endurance could also be required because of occasional stubbornness. Regardless of measurement variation, the Samoyed and Pomeranian share a typical Spitz lineage influencing their look, temperament, and coaching potential.

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (10)
Samoyed and Pomeranian, measurement distinction, shared Spitz heritage, affectionate, clever, spirited.

10 – Eurasier

The Pomeranian and Eurasier are each a part of the Spitz household, acknowledged for his or her curled tails, dense coats, and foxlike facial options. Their temperaments align as they’re usually affectionate, clever, and bond carefully with their house owners. Each breeds want common grooming owing to their thick, double coats. Nonetheless, the Pomeranian, being smaller, requires much less meals than the Eurasier. Pomeranians are typically a bit extra lively and want average day by day train, whereas Eurasiers typically are content material with a number of walks and play classes every day. Keep in mind, particular person canines inside a breed can show vital habits variability, being considerably influenced by upbringing and coaching.

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (11)
Pomeranian and Eurasier share Spitz traits, affectionate, clever, grooming wants differ.

11 – Shiba Inu

The Shiba Inu is an clever canine, each the shiba and the pomeranian a part of the Spitz household, share options akin to a double coat, foxlike faces, and a sturdy construct. They’re identified for his or her intelligence, sociability, and robust bonds with house owners. Regardless of Shiba Inu’s bigger measurement, each breeds adapt properly to numerous dwelling situations, together with flats. Common grooming is critical because of their dense coats, and so they get pleasure from the same food regimen, albeit with Pomeranians requiring much less meals. Their energetic nature dictates an lively way of life paired with day by day train. In essence, the Shiba Inu and Pomeranian, linked by means of their Spitz heritage, present outstanding similarities in bodily traits, sociability, grooming wants, adaptability, and power ranges.

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (12)
Shiba Inu and Pomeranian share Spitz traits, intelligence, grooming wants, adaptability.

12 – Keeshond

Each the Keeshond and the Pomeranian fre Spitz-type, fluffy canines, have related bodily attributes, akin to double coats and bushy, curled tails. Additionally they have foxlike facial options, contributing to their alert, expressive look. Their temperaments align as they’re clever, affectionate, and have a tendency to kind robust bonds with their house owners. Identified for his or her social and pleasant nature, they’re well-suited as companion canines. Each breeds require common grooming because of their thick, double coats. As at all times, it’s important to grasp every breed’s distinctive qualities since particular person traits could range significantly.

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (13)
Keeshond and Pomeranian share Spitz traits, intelligence, affection, grooming wants, companion suitability.

13 – Icelandic Sheepdog

The Icelandic Sheepdog and the Pomeranian share similarities as Spitz-type canines. Each breeds show foxlike options, sturdy builds with bushy tails, and distinctive double coats. As companion canines, they’re clever, affectionate, and kind robust bonds with their house owners – although they do have herding canine issues. They’ll make nice winter climbing companions, particularly when you’re searching for a canine who is a bit more athletic. (Simply keep in mind to not fall prey to the excessive drive canine issues!)

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (14)
Icelandic Sheepdog and Pomeranian, Spitz-type, clever, affectionate, family-friendly companion canines.

14 – Schipperke

The Schipperke and Pomeranian, each Spitz-type breeds, share a compact construct and double coats. They’re clever, high-energy canines that require psychological and bodily stimulation. Each are small canines identified for his or her loyalty, affection, and have a tendency to bond deeply with their house owners. Common brushing is required as they each have double coats and shed seasonally.

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (15)
Schipperke and Pomeranian, compact Spitz-types, clever, loyal, affectionate, want stimulation and grooming.

15 – Sweedish Valhund

The Swedish Vallhund (one thing Indie will get confused for rather a lot) and Pomeranian, each from the Spitz-type breeds, share a number of similarities – they’re smaller-sized canines that includes alert expressions, distinctive fox-like options, and a double coat (ensure you have a buttercomb prepared!).

Each breeds are identified for being clever and high-spirited, bonding strongly with their house owners and making nice companions. Regardless of these frequent options, contemplating every breed’s distinctive traits and the person variation between canines ought to nonetheless be thought of, and I’d at all times see when you can talk about it together with your breeder as to mum and pop’s character.

swedish vallhund
swedish vallhund

Or Simply Go With The OG!

Pomeranians are great canines packed filled with character, they’re phenomenal agility canines, sensible as a whip, nevertheless it does imply they want loads of coaching! They’ve such attractive coats, however, as at all times once you’re shopping for a canine or pet to make sure you’re shopping for them from an exceptional breeder. Discovering them is tough, nevertheless it’s so very value it!

15 Dog Breeds Similar To The Adorable Pomeranian (17)
Pomeranian-like breeds, acknowledged by kennel golf equipment, play essential roles as beloved companions.

A Host Of Pom-a-likes!

When you just like the pomeranian, hopefully considered one of these attractive pup’s turns into considered one of your selections, as a result of they’re all actually great selections, simply make sure that to do a deep dive on them, see in the event that they actually go well with you and your way of life, then it’s a case that that you must select when you’ll buy from a accountable breeder, or rescuing considered one of these great canines.

Both approach, I do know you’re going to place in each inch of effort that you must so as to increase an superior canine. And when you’re searching for your first step? Seize a replica of the pet bundle!

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Ali from Rebarkable and her dog Indie

Creator, Ali Smith

Ali Smith is knowledgeable, certified, and multi-award successful coach is the founding father of rebarkable. She has at all times believed animals deserve kindness and champions drive free strategies. Believing that canine guardians will all select the kindest choices if correct data is offered, she goals to assist all canine guardians who want it and make canine coaching as accessible as doable

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